Just A Strange Thought

January 31, 2007

Just suppose we had a world wide movement against killing one another. Dr. Jim



January 30, 2007

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I will be sharing my Internet building research within a few days via this blog.  I will be looking for your comments.

Dr. Jim


January 28, 2007

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Wonder of Wonders

January 28, 2007

Ramblings of an exArmy officer turned Psychologist.  Every now and then I remember my past episodes. Such as relating to the Commander in Chief and the boss in the DOD.  They change over the years.

I did not serve under the current crew at the top.  I had a very responsible position involving life and death.  As I went forth I had to have some idea of the current policies at the White House and the DOD.  Actually, I never heard much about the White House or the Chief housed there as far as policy or orders were concerned.

In today’s Army it must be confusing. Improper terms are used. The Chief sounds like a General with a hang over kind of mumbling something called strategy and “change of course”.  ‘Course’ is not an Army term.  Maybe the Marines use it or the Navy-:)  I never experienced a enemy that wanted to die.  Gee, it must be easy to target a guy who wants to die.  But, no, there is a catch.   He wants you to die too.  My way of winning and staying alive was to target a guy who wanted to live as much as I did.  So. today’s battles in Iraq must be strange, to say the least.

Getting back to the top dogs.  Entering the war was spooky and based on winning an air war and it would be over. That is the dream of the USAF.  We Infantry and Intelligence types always said “hell no, that will never be so put a lot of boots on the ground”.  Well, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding fell flat as a pancake. 

 Now, we have one big mess.  The ancient Chinese had great words of wisdom.  “Those that ride a Tiger cannot dismount”.  That is my contribution to the solution borrowed from the sages.

I have a feeling that most Americans (and everybody else) does not know quite how or why we went there.  So if you do not know the beginning it very difficult to understand the end.  Saddam the monster is gone forever.  So who are those people killing our guys ?  What do they want?  Why are Iraqis killing each other?  None of that happened under the Monster. 

The question is:

1. What happens if the US military packs up and goes home?

2. What happens if the same continues for another year or so as our Chief seems to want?

Your words of wisdom may be placed under comments.

Thanks for letting me ramble,

Dr. Jim

January 24, 2007

I have been asked how wealth, health and wellness fit together. To me it is so normal, however there is confusion about wealth. It has many meanings. For example, if I have good health some will say I have wealth even though I am dead broke.  Others would say that is nonsense.  How can you have wealth and not have the money to buy what you want?  You get the idea. We use wordd many different ways.

 Comprehension of concepts in one of the last things we manage to understand. We are in our teens before our brain can knit the meaning of even simple concepts.  With concepts we are bringing many ideas into a whole. For example, trace your learning of the world as a whole. First, our country, then other countries, then compare and eventually we see the concept of many counties making up something called the ‘world’.

Well, we learn about money the same way except there are nearly unlimited concepts of money. We learn this from our parents and people around us.  Then we carry this into our adulthood.  You may make many times the amount of money then your parents but your basic concept does not change.  This explains to some degree why capable intelligent people with excellent incomes end up with heavy credit card debt. Their budget does have a built in offset nor a provision for the future.

This is so deep seated in our minds that it is difficult to alter it with new knowledge.  We tend to follow the patterns of our parents.  Education offers little assistance in this arena. 

Think about this and I will be back. Comments are most welcome.

Dr. Jim

Health, Wellness and Wealth

January 1, 2007

The concept of wealth is greatly misunderstood. It has more to do with our thinking then money. More next year.

Dr. Jim

Our Guys in Iraq-A Repeat.

December 16, 2006

This is out of my former self as a person who  was there. Most people do not know it but during the Viet Nam conflict approximately 1500 American GIs wrote to the New York Times  protesting the so called war.  This is being repeating by many more of our troops this time concerning the conflict in Iraq. I do not know the count but it is several 1000 or more. It may not be directed to the NYT. 

The indications are, for me, that morale is very low and our leadership is failing on several levels.  More serious this time because the guys are not draftees but volunteers.

I, for one, would like to see the American citizen more involved.  We need answers to Who,What,When,and How of the Iraqi conflict. 

Dr. Jim